Calla Talalay Latex Hybrid

Naturally cultivated comfort with Talalay Latex, Joma Wool™ and organic cotton.

Calla LifeStyle.jpg
  • Sustainably sourced Joma Wool™ and organic cotton are combined in a plush top cover, providing exceptional breathability and moisture wicking…naturally.

  • A 3” top layer of Talalay latex delivers a unique buoyant quality that relaxes muscles and relieves tension, lifting away the pressures of the day while you sleep. Made from natural Talalay rubber, Talalay latex is certified Oeko-Tex class 1 safe.

  • An 8” base of up to 1,189 individually encased Quantum™ Edge coils delivers ultimate pressure point relief while decreasing motion transfer.

  • A 1” high density foam base adds durability to the mattress while reinforcing individually encased coils as they compress.

  • Proudly custom made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year warranty.

Three levels of firmness let you decide the level of support you need. Firm, medium, or soft.

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